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Rkiyo is an online freelance marketplace that connects skills and business each other across the globe. Infliv Internet Pvt. Ltd. launching a platform RKIYO.COM is an expression of the belief that It's one thing to simply Employers and Freelancers can work together. that connects businesses with on-demand freelance talent offering digital services across multiple categories.


What is the problem the rkiyo is solving?

The problems that keep freelancers from hiring and employers from hiring.


Technology has become an important part of life and business, in such a situation, professionals are needed to complete any type of work/job, which is not found easily, and on the opposite, a professional always lacks a customer. They yearn for an income equal to their qualifications.

Employers can’t hire and freelancers are troubled by not being hired.

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How does rkiyo propose to solve this problem?

Freelance platforms solve some issues as:

We believe the future of work is centred around freedom. Freedom to choose how you work,


It solves:


We empower people all over India to live their work dream building their business from the ground up and becoming financially and professionally independent.



RKIYO.COM is an expression of the belief that It's one thing to simply provide a platform where Employers and Freelancers can work together.


1. In order for the employer to complete the work in the stipulated time Technology has made it possible to work from even remote areas, thereby hiring even the full time working professionals, taking up consulting or part-time assignments.


2. Saving the time of freelancers to get a project. Because it works with AI and matches potential jobs for a freelancer Increase the response rate from a client. Because a platform checks all clients and matching possibilities.

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What is the uniqueness of this solution?

Rkiyo’s biggest USP is its fixed pricing policy. The freelancers are given reviews and ratings on the basis of their work and are promoted to higher levels. At higher levels, the freelancers get more orders, more benefits and also have an option to increase their prices to a higher limit. 

The portal currently provides more than 100+ types of services including graphic designing, content writing, digital marketing, video editing, programming and more. It even has an option of ‘Gifting’, where users can get customised services from expert freelancers.


How does rkiyo.com generate revenue?

In Business terms, Rkiyo could be easily understood as a typical two-sided network, one side of the network we have Freelancer, looking for work in their domain. And on the other side of the network, we have Companies or individuals who want to get their job done.


(1) A service offered on Rkiyo is called a Post. The service Seller sets the initial price for a Post.  After payment is made, Rkiyo charges 15% of the fees as commission.

And Same as Buyer confirm a post and procced payment of the order After payment is made, Rkiyo charges 5% of the fees as service charge.

(2) Premium Member: Makes Pro Aside from excelling in their fields, they've had years of professional experience working with top-tier clients, on projects that have challenged and emboldened them to push their limits. Not only will your deliverable be amazing, but your interaction, too.